What is an early learning Centre?

What is an early learning Centre?

July 3,2020

Early learning centres are the centres that offer programs that provide education for children outside their homes before kindergarten

It is common to confuse an early learning centre with day care or babysitting but it offers much more than that. Even though parents are the first teachers of a child, there are a lot of learning and skill development opportunities that young children can get at an early learning centre.


Difference between early learning and pre-school   

Pre-schools were traditionally meant to help young children socialise outside of their homes and prepare them for school. But the early learning centres are more advanced and help children develop various skills for life. Early learning centres have highly trained professional staff that give special attention to each child and help them advance in personality and social development.

Choosing an early learning centre

Choosing an early learning centre can be a challenging decision for parents to make as they want to make no mistakes finding the right learning centre for their children. The earliest education and information children receive help shape their future. While visiting and deciding the right early centre for your child, here are a few things to keep in mind.


Observe how the staff interacts with parents and children. High quality interaction involves sharing rather than just asking children to follow. It creates a safe space for conversations and encourages children to express.


The setup and physical environment plays a major role in impacting a child’s thoughts and imagination. A high quality environment offers abundant space for children to be creative and test their thinking ability. Although spaces with children can get messy at times, it is about how well they are managed. Factors like cleanliness, hygiene and safety should also be observed while finalising a centre.

Way of learning

Play based learning is a method adapted to teach young children academic concepts through fun and simple games that test their imaginative skills and thinking capabilities. These games are repeated with children until they grasp the concept and move on to the next game. Observe how many children are engaged at a time and if special individual attention is being given.

Why choose an early learning centre

Parents might often question the need of sending their young children to early centres and to what extra or special skills they can teach that they can’t learn at home. Here are a few reasons to why sending your child to an early learning centre is beneficial.

Learning to take care of themselves and being social

When children are engaged in group activities, they learn social and thinking skills leading to a sense of pride. It also expands their perspective and learn new things while also helping and looking after others in the group.

Encouraging curiosity and imagination

Early learning centres use a child’s own interests and build activities around it to encourage curiosity and new ideas. At a very young age when children begin to learn and explore, their curiosity and imagination needs to be rightly directed. 

Promoting emotional development

The teachers at these centres teach and encourage healthy conversations that offer a safe space for children to express them openly thereby helping in individual emotional development as well as in building emotional relationships with others.

It’s much more than babysitting. Early learning centres provide your children with skills for life.