What are the expectations for kindergarten?

What are the expectations for kindergarten?

December 16,2020

Enrolling your child in a kindergarten is the first big step towards education. It is the beginning of a new experience which can be exciting yet scary at the same time.

What your child should know before kindergarten

There are certain requirements that a child should fulfil to be eligible for kindergarten. Your child should be prepared for kindergarten with a few basic skills so that it makes the learning easy and better. 

The child should know how to write his/her name

The very basics of writing should be learned at home before entering kindergarten. Teach your child to recognise the alphabets and write his/her name. The child should be able to write the first letter in uppercase and rest in lowercase in a handwriting that can be easily read.

The child should be able to tell wants and needs

A new atmosphere with new people around can sometimes get overwhelming for your child. To adjust easily in a new environment, he/she should be confident in asking for help. Teach your child to politely ask for what they need and be more vocal. It makes the communication easier and the environment more comfortable.

The child should be able to follow directions and pay attention

For easy learning, your child should know how to pay attention and follow the directions of the teacher. Give your child simple directions and teach them to follow. You can read them stories or get them engaged in fun activities that grab their attention and teach them how to be more attentive.

The child should be able to use the bathroom without any help

Even though the children should not hesitate from asking what they need, they should also be able to do some things on their own. The kindergarten staff will not assist your child in going to the bathroom. Teach your child how to use the bathroom without needing any help. He/she should be able to wipe, wash hands and wear pants without any help.

The child should not get anxious about being separated from the parents

Children who haven’t spent much time without their parents before kindergarten can develop separation anxiety. The new environment and people can get overwhelming for a child who hasn’t spent time away from parents. The teachers at kindergarten provide a safe environment for a child but the child should also be able to trust them. Teach your child to stay calm when away from you and try to socialise in the new environment.

The child should have basic social skills

Kindergarten is the place for your child to socialise. He/she should know the basic social skills about interaction and behaviour. The child should be able to stay comfortably in a group and actively participate in group activities. He/she should know how to have good and healthy social interactions with teachers and other children.

Kindergarten forms the base for your child and prepares him/her for schooling and the bigger challenges ahead. If your child has some basic skills and knowledge before kindergarten, it is helpful to make learning more comfortable and fun.