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Our Toddler program focuses on creating a nurturing environment where children feel safe, secure and supported while developing confidence and independence in their emerging abilities.

We respect the routines established by our families and work hand in hand with them to create the best possible experience for our children.

The toddler room is fun, exciting and loud, we love to dance, sing, play, learn and make mess! In this room the children will start to join in group activities such as group time, where we sing songs and nursery rhymes with actions, and explore various topics including colours, animals, foods, numbers. Learning opportunities are provided to build on and extend each child’s emerging intellectual, social, emotional, physical and language skills.

Together as a group the children engage in movement through dance, experience cultural diversity and express themselves freely. The children are encouraged to each learn sharing capabilities and how to use their best gentle hands. In this room our qualified educators teach the children that it is ok to have their own space and to teach each child the skills of how to respectfully say stop when they do not like what another person is doing to them. As a group we promote individuality and accept everyone for who they are, as we are all different and we love to celebrate it every day.

We provide clear and regular communications about your child’s progress, routine and activities using Storypark.