Thank you for supporting our local Family Owned Early Learning Centre since 2006.
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We have been attending Little Diggers Early Education Centre for just over 12 months. We could not be happier with the level of care that is provided to our two young (2yo and 3yo) children.

The staff at Little Diggers are always professional, caring, understanding, patient and open. Our children have formed very strong bonds with their room teachers, as well as other staff in the centre, and especially Miss Debs, the Director/Owner.

Miss Debs is a tremendous asset to the childcare industry. She is extremely approachable and understanding, and is always offering assistance to our family, far reaching the level of service you would export from a childcare centre.

We believe that the fees at Little Diggers are very reasonable. Included in the service are 3 hot lunches per week, nappies, morning and afternoon teas and sunscreen. The amount of pressure it takes of knowing that the children are well fed and in the highest level of care is priceless.

We could not have asked for a better learning and social environment for our children, leading up to them attending prep/school. Our children are definitely better people after having attended Little Diggers

A & N Hill

To Deb & all the Girls at Little Diggers. Many thanks for your time, commitment, love and support you’ve shown our children.

The Holland Family

After just seperating from my husband on the Southside and moving into the Morayfield area closer to my family, being a first time single mum, I needed reassurance that my little boy was going to be well looked after, as I was going back in to the workforce on a full time basis. Being a single mum is hard enough, than worrying about who is looking after your little one and finding someone to trust. After doing quite a bit of homework, I decided that the Little Diggers team won hands down in what I wanted and what I was looking for in a family day care centre.

I have been taking my son there for 2 and half years, not only does he love attending to see his friends and the activities that they provide but he loves the interaction of his teachers and the attention that they give the children. Little Diggers also provides a program called “Funtastic” which he loves and looks forward to every Thursday. Over these couple of years I have seen my little shy and held back boy turn into a very social, confident and happy little lad.

Of course, I have had my ups and downs and troubles of what I should and shouldn’t be doing – like every parent, through lots of tears and tantrums ( and I am sure of plenty more to come) – The Little Diggers Team had given me ideas and helpful hints on how to overcome these times and some effective advice.

This day and age with the cost of living etc, we can’t always afford to be a stay home parent and at one stage need to back into the workforce, you want someone to look after your little one, like one of kind, make you trust them and understand that your little one if your life, that they will be looked after hopefully as well as you would and to teach and guide them in the correct manner.

I know that I have made the right choice with Little Diggers and I highly recommend the centre.

L Morton

My daughter has been attending your centre for the last few months, and in that time has come to love the centre and all the staff members.

She particularly has warmed to Karleigh, whom I believe has been a great inspiration and role model.

Karleigh is a kind-natured, loving, caring, nurturing person and she has shown all these qualities in the time I have known her.

I find Karleigh to be an extremely reliable and trustworthy person, and I feel more than comfortable leaving our daughter in her care.

Karleigh has assisted with our transition to a new centre greatly by taking our daughter under her wing, and ensuring Lara is always happy and having fun with daily activities and other children.

I believe Karleigh stimulates her growth and assertiveness by allowing her to contribute effectively to task and activities on a regular basis

Based on this, I would highly recommend both your centre and Karleigh to all my family and friends.

D Sheppard

I would like to commend Little Diggers on the nurturing, the learning experience and level of dedication by Deb (Director) and staff to the children. I feel that my children are experiencing much more than just being looked after by a carer at the day care. They get to enjoy, interact and learn with other children in developing the necessary skills to take them through to primary school. You can find children’s artistic work all around the centre from the time your enter the premises. Deb and staff are always helpful, in high spirits and ready to assist with any query. Should any issues arise, they are addressed in a timely manner, subsequent measures put in place and the parent is kept up to date with the progress. My children are most important to me and that is no different to the day care philosophy where the children come first. Well done Deb and staff.

S Sheehan

Thank you just doesn’t seen enough to say for all you have done for us. You have shown us so much kindness and generosity during out time at the centre, especially during our difficult times. You have given us the opportunity to keep stability in our sons life by helping us maintain his time at Little Diggers. That was the greatest gift & act of kindness. You truly are a wonderful person. Thank you some much for everything. Thank you for being a very positive presence in our boys lives.

The Cagney Family

The Little Diggers is an exceptional daycare, with top class facilities and toys. The staff are friendly, caring and go out of their way to know each child and their family. They make you feel as though caring for your child is not a job but a pleasure.

Even from 12 weeks of age, we felt comfortable leaving our son in the Centre’s care. We knew that he was receiving amazing care and having a lot of fun. This is still the case two years on. He is a well-developed little boy and we believe that the daycare’s programs and staff have contributed to this. If he had his way we would be at the Centre seven days a week!!!

We could not recommend this Centre enough to other families.

G & C

I have had the opportunity to learn and see for myself with my own eyes, and discover the learning-system with other Child Day Care Centres, and grasping some of the competent, warm and safe means that is offered to our vulnerable little bundles of joy, as every parent does love to know what is the personal approach towards their little children, and the knowledge gained is our happiness in understanding that your favourite Child Learning Centre is not only safeguarding our precious baby’s from any injuries that we have to care for at a later date, but knowing also their skillful training is providing and maintaining a safe environment and keeping them secure and protected from harm.

I must congratulate The Little Diggers for the magnificent enthusiasm as the staff has a great and important influential position on our smart little children, depending on the age of the child, they do look and examine an may inherit some of their characteristics, and the lovely little toddler brings it home to show us. For the overwhelming feels of the magnificent staff may be suffering at the time, the cuddly little complicated toddlers do look to the staff for attention, for example extra comfort, remember mummy and daddy are not with them now, and sometimes they look to a certain staff member, who becomes special to them, that they go to when they are in tears and feeling miserable, picking them up and holding them in your arms has a magical but significant transition-such as thoughts of comfort and being loved with the contact of human warmth, with someone they feel is special.

And I have seen the staff at a different Child Learning Centre – where my wife and I were there to observe the establishment or inspect carefully, the safe environment that our precious little toddler will be cared for, and safe in, and let’s not forget loved. And while at your opposition we saw the staff round up the little people, and never once did we see one child being picked up and comforted, as one staff member sat down near them, my wife said to me, “our dog does this with our chickens down the backyard and come to think of it, never once has he licked them for comfort, but he does sit with them.”

My wife and I do congratulate the Little Diggers Staff for they do pick up our bundles of joy, we have seen this, and cuddling them as they do need this from time to time, and congratulations for having a safe shaded area outside to protect their soft skin from skin cancer, for when they grow up to be adults and congratulations for no big drop offs in the concrete as they could fall, and who knows what damage could happen, and congratulations for the healthy food that is supplied, we thank you. My beautiful wife and I are both Nurses, and we understand and see many things, and Aaron thanks you as well.

T & P Enders

My kids have loved their time at Little Diggers, the teachers are amazing. They have been there since they were One and now they will be graduating on Friday the 1st Dec and I would recommend little diggers to anyone that wants to place their child in daycare. Thank you all so much for what you have done for my kids. You all should be very proud of what you have accomplished with the little minds you look after.

Cristienne Ellis

We have been with Little Diggers since 2013 and our son has just graduated from Kindy 2017.  In our time with Little Diggers we couldn’t have asked for a better service.  The educators past and present have provided the up most professional, educational and caring environment for James, we have never had a worry or concern about leaving James in the care of the Little Diggers staff.  The children are all treated like they are their own with the love, guidance and nurturing our children need to grow into the gorgeous independent, unique little angels they become. We have no hesitation in recommending Little Diggers to any family now or in the future.

Tracy and Andrew Turnbull