Welcome to Our Professional Community Support Team

(All Inclusive in your Fees)

Why do we offer so many Inclusions?
Because our All-Inclusive Child Focused Inclusions are designed to help children and families to Believe in Themselves & their Dreams. These professional support programs
will help create a strong foundation for all of their future successes.

Meet Our Speech Pathologist Jessarna 

Originally from Thursday Island, Jess became a Speech Pathologist and is passionate about helping people. Jess visits our centre fortnightly on a Wednesday to help the children with their speech techniques. Jess is a wonderful addition to our team and has a wonderful raport with the children and families.

Meet Our bilingual – Spanish & Mandarin Teachers

Designed especially for preschoolers, our play-based, immersion style sessions start children on an exciting journey to becoming bilingual. Children participate in small groups and participate in weekly sessions in the desired target language. These preschooler language lessons are delivered through fun activities and many already popular preschooler games – they’re just in another language! Our language program runs weekly and includes Spanish and Mandarin, the children have a wonderful time learning the different languages through, songs, dance, colours, sounds and speech. the teachers keep the children engaged throughout the whole lesson and make it a fun learning environment.

Meet Our Local Gubbi Gubbi Aboriginal Advisor Christine

All the children call her ‘Aunty Christine’ or ‘Aunty’, Christine is our Indigenous Community advisor and is a weekly visitor to our Learning Centre. Christine provides aboriginal workshops and teaches the children about the history and culture of the local Gubbi Gubbi people. The children love to participate and learn about the Gubbi Gubbi language, story time, traditional ochre painting, songs, dance and learning all about the different items that the Gubbi Gubbi people used.

Meet Our Children’s Wellbeing Expert Leanne

Leanne is a qualified Teacher, she engages the children in strategies and techniques on how to deal with their feelings, so they can feel confident and in control.  Looking after children’s emotions and self regulation is a very important part of a childs learning and development journey. Leanne visits us every Thursday to work her wonderful magic on our beautiful children.