Senior Kindy

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Senior Kindy

Our Senior Kindy classroom is an exciting environment where children engage and learn through play, children begin to develop important life skills, including socialising, sharing and developing their personal identity, sense of belonging and overall confidence.

Our Educators gain a keen understanding of each child’s holistic development, and extend each child through achievable challenges. We encourage and welcome parents to work with us in partnership, helping their child to reinforce their newly developing skills.

Children’s friendships and cooperative play skills with their peers are developing rapidly during this age, and our educational programs extend the children’s learning throughout all areas.

We meet the needs of each individual child within indoor and outdoor spaces that present fresh experiences, utilising educational programs and resources in order to develop the children’s social skills in fun, safe and secure surroundings.

Children of this age are starting to understand social skills such as sharing and being kind.  They often enjoy being with other children and tend to spend more time playing together.  Our qualified Educators will role model strategies to support children in initiating interactions and joining in play and social experiences in ways that sustain positive relationships with other children.

We provide clear and regular communications about your child’s progress, routine and activities using Storypark.