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Health & Fitness Programs


Healthy Meals 

Healthy Meals

Our Nutritionally balanced menu

Provides each child with nutritionally balanced meals and snacks cooked fresh daily in our service kitchen. We use locally sourced seasonal produce and guarantee at least three hot lunches each week. Our rotating menu is carefully developed following the Australian dietary guidelines and Nutrition Australia Queensland (NAQ).  You will see a copy of our current menu displayed on the wall in the foyer.




Movement & Exercise

 Why is physical activity important in early childhood?

Physical activity is vital for a child’s development and lays the foundation for a healthy and active life. Early childhood services are ideally placed to foster the development of good physical activity habits early in life and to encourage families to engage in regular physical activity.

Movement and ExerciseOutdoor Obstacle Courses

Little Diggers offers a wide range and choice of play-based, physically active learning experiences that link to children’s interests, abilities, identity and prior knowledge. Our Physical activity programs are made up of both spontaneous and intentionally planned active play (child initiated and educator led) that can be done indoors or outdoors. In addition, as active role models, our educators encourage children to participate in physical activity. 





Ginger Sport

Ginger Sport

Offers unique, weekly soccer sessions to children who attend childcare. We believe that just because many parents have to work, little ones should not have to miss out on fun activities like those available through Ginger Sport. Ginger Sport soccer is about enjoying healthy physical activity from a young age, learning about teamwork, working on motor skills, learning to listen, building self-esteem, and above all having fun. All Ginger Sport staff hold valid blue cards and attend regular training and professional development sessions. We are fully insured and have a comprehensive risk-management policy. We are absolutely committed to making our sessions the best they can be for your centre. Our goal is to communicate with you clearly and openly, and to provide a high-quality service second to none. If you have any feedback about the Ginger Sport experience at your centre, we welcome your input to help us improve in any way possible. At Ginger Sport we are passionate about ensuring that playing soccer with us every week is something the children look forward to. We do everything in our power to create a weekly routine that is safe, nurturing, and familiar. Sometimes, however, there are unavoidable changes to things like coaches and schedules that even we cannot control. As an organisation, we do everything in our power to maintain the weekly routine for the children. So when things change that are beyond our control, we want you to know that we are acutely aware of the impact this may have on the children, and that we know that some children cope better with transitions–like coach or schedule changes–than others. We are sensitive to these kinds of changes, and we do our level best to ensure stability of the weekly routine for all of the children that play soccer with Ginger Sport. It is the little things that count to little people, and we want you to know that we always have the little ones’ best interests at heart. Please note, when the Ginger Sport coach is facilitating the session, the children remain in the care of the centre staff at all times. All childcare centres have a duty of care (i.e. a moral and legal obligation) to provide a staff member to supervise every session.

What We Teach & How We Teach It
When your child plays with Ginger Sport, they not only learn soccer skills, but so much more. Learning a sport plays a key part in your child’s physical wellbeing, and not only that, but their emotional wellbeing! We take pride in teaching your little soccer star important skills that they can carry on throughout their fun-filled lives. 


Billy's BuddiesBilly’s Buddies

Award-winning Billy’s Buddies is the brainchild of Billy Slater – former Melbourne Storm, Queensland and Australian Rugby League representative. We are a Ball Sports Program for kids aged 2-6 and are the home of Non-Contact Rugby League for children. At Billy’s Buddies, we love all sports, not just Rugby League. Our Programs emphasise having fun and encourage children to develop their social skills all whilst at the same time, teaching them the fundamentals of not only Rugby League, but ball sports in general. Like Billy, we want all of our children to become great team players and learn the importance of teamwork.

Mission – The primary goal of Billy’s Buddies is to introduce as many children as possible (between the ages of 2 and 6) to the basics of ball sports in a non-contact, fun, social and affordable setting.

Vision – To teach all Australian children the fundamental skills of sport and inspire them to lead an active, healthy lifestyle.

Values – Billy’s Buddies epitomises the same values which we associate with Billy Slater himself. We pride ourselves on providing a fun but well-structured Program customised by the highest degree of professionalism and customer service.


Music, Dance & Language Programs

The many benefits of musicThe many benefits of music.

Listening to and creating music helps children learn numeracy, literacy and emotional skills. Incorporating music into routines and play in the early years has a positive influence on your child’s early development. It can get them moving, thinking and inspire creativity.





The many benefits of danceThe many benefits of dance.

Dancing is a highly physical activity, and children that dance regularly will have significant improvement in their overall physical health. Regular dance practice can increase children’s flexibility, range of motion, physical strength and stamina. The repetitive movements involved in dance can improve muscle tone, correct poor posture, increase balance and coordination and improve overall cardiovascular health. Dancing is an aerobic form of exercise.

In addition to being a physical activity, dancing is also a highly social activity. According to “Family Talk Magazine,” dancing will help children improve their social and communication skills, learn how to work as part of a team, develop a greater sense of trust and cooperation and make new friends. Dance can also help to alleviate fears related to performing in front of an audience.

Becoming a skilled dancer requires practice, discipline and focus, skills that can be useful in other areas of your child’s life. According to “Family Talk Magazine,” dance lessons can help to spark creativity in young children and help them to develop an appreciation for the arts.

As children adjust to the movements and postures required in dance, they begin to get a better sense of their bodies. As they become more comfortable in their own skin, their confidence and self-esteem also improve. According to Edu Dance, dance lessons can encourage children to foster a more positive attitude and explore their own self-expression.

The fun way to learn another language“The fun way to learn another language”

Designed especially for preschoolers, our play-based, immersion style sessions start children on an exciting journey to becoming bilingual. Children participate in small groups and participate in weekly sessions in the desired target language. These preschooler language lessons are delivered through fun activities and many already popular preschooler games – they’re just in another language! 

Behind the fun appearance of the LCF Fun Languages teaching methodology lies a carefully structured program specifically designed for the preschoolers to learn a second language quickly and naturally. Each week new words and phrases are added and consolidated over the term. Our teachers use beautiful resources and the lively sessions engage the children and room teachers in each activity.

Our programs are the perfect complement to the government’s Early Learning Language Australia (ELLA) objectives and their current program to provide childcare centres with language ‘apps’ for kinder programs. At LCF Fun Languages, we understand that teaching via ‘apps’ alone is not enough to enable children to embark upon a bilingual journey – so our play-based, active and fun programs complement the online learning opportunities and give children the opportunity to practice amongst themselves and learn to use their new language in conversation.


Educational Shows

Ocean LifeOcean Life

Ocean Life Education ‘Brings the Sea to You’ with fun environmental education programs designed to inspire children to appreciate and take responsibility for the marine ecosystem.

Our Ocean Life Discovery Program is an interactive touch and learn session introducing children to creatures from the ocean, with live marine creatures to touch and an activity area to explore. It is suited to children aged 6mths to 5 years.

Marine educators arrive with fascinating live marine animals, artefacts, games and information, blending ‘hands on’ interaction with science and humour.

A visit to an early learning centre usually includes a 20 – 30 minute show for toddlers and a 40 minute show for ages 3-5. Multiple programs for large centres and kindy programs also available.

All children receive a colourful bookmark to take home which has ideas on what they can do to help the environment.

This interactive touch and learn session introduces children to creatures from the ocean.  There are marine creatures for the children to touch as well as shells and pictures to look at.

Kindy BeatsKindy Beats!

This is our interactive drumming show especially for pre-school aged children, available in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth at Child Care Centres, Kindergartens, Playgroups & other gatherings of little people! Come on an adventure as we take the children on a magical journey around the globe. During this exciting interactive show each child is given a drum to play for the duration of the show and enjoys an energy packed rhythmical adventure !

Join us as we discover the rhythms of life and meet our special animal friends, Katie the kangaroo, Pinky the kung fu Panda from China & Lumi the lion from Africa

Dance the Mumbo Tumbo and do the Zoo Blues Count and then lets go outside into the playground to discover the wonderful rhythms of the play equipment and our environment.

This show is great for

Left and right brain co-ordination

Fine motor skills


Animal recognition


The Drum Beats are Coming! Every child has a drum to play!

From the beginning of a life with the beat of the heart, rhythm & musical expression are a valuable part of every child’s development.

Great for confidence, co ordination, fine motor skills & listening!

Hands on


Drum Beats interactive shows combine drumming, singing & dancing and are terrific for developing hand eye co ordination, aural visual skills and left and right brain co- ordination.

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