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Our Story

Our Story

Our journey began back in 2002 when I (Deb) received a phone call that was intended for my sister in law to do a day’s work as a relief staff in the local childcare centre. She was unavailable, so I asked the lady if I could help her, I told her “I was just a mum, but how hard can it be” her response was “come on down”. This was the start of my personal journey.

I thoroughly enjoyed my day and was invited back on numerous occasions until I was offered a full-time position as the centre cook, lunch floater and before and after school care assistant. I enjoyed working with the children and families so much that I began reflecting on my own journey, and from that I began to build a dream and thought I could make a real positive difference in children’s and families lives, I could build my own Childcare centre and be able to help families immediately, with no middleman for answers.

My experience gained from working in the industry allowed me the opportunity to compile feedback from families in local communities regarding their needs and wants in a childcare. This is when the Little Diggers dream became real.

My husband Paul is a Building Designer, so he began designing a childcare centre with my input. This was a challenge for Paul as you can imagine, I’d say no don’t like it, change that back ha-ha, oops, I made many changes to the plans until I was happy with the final design to his delight. We had a design and put it into the council, this took 18 months to be approved. Now, all we need was a name, we had input from lots of family and friends, and during this time we lost the most remarkable man in Paul’s life, his dad. Very sad time for all, we hadn’t opened our centre yet, it was almost built, still had no name. So once again we nutted names out that could represent his life so we had a piece of him with us forever. A lovely friend/ teacher now, suggested Little Diggers – as he fought for our Country. This name was brilliant, my children, his little Diggers were going to attend our centre, so perfect. We had it registered and to this day he is with us all.

After discussions once again with families and friends in the local communities it became clear to me that our motto would be “Children are our Future our greatest asset” and our personal and staff motto would always be “Family First”.

We opened our doors in 2006 as a family owned and operated centre with 10 wonderful children and we are still enjoying our passion today because – 

“If you believe in children, they will believe in themselves.”