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Toddlers 2019



The toddler room is fun, exciting and loud. This room challenges us to further develop our skills and capabilities. In the toddler room we love to dance, sing, play, learn and make mess! In this room your child will start to join in group activities such as group time, where we sing songs and nursery rhymes with actions, together with the their educators the toddlers explore various topics including colours, animals, foods, numbers. Together as a group the toddlers engage in movement through dance, experience cultural diversity and express ourselves freely. The toddler room encourages each child to learn sharing capabilities and how to use their best gentle hands. In this room educators teach the children that it is ok to have their own space and to teach each child the skills of how respectfully say stop when they do not like what another person is doing to them. As a group we promote individuality and accept everyone for who they are, as we are all different and we love to celebrate it every day.





We in the toddler room develop and encourage each child’s independence through completing simple tasks such as packing away toys, putting rubbish in the bin, collecting and putting away their drink bottles, packing away dirty lunch dishes and to wash own face and hands, just to name a few. This assists in developing the child’s sense of pride and responsibility within themselves. In the toddler room the children are encouraged to make choices and to experiment with new things and ways of being, as this engages the child through positive learning experiences. The children are encouraged to develop a sense of belonging as the form positive and relationships with educators and peers. We encourage movement through dance, experience cultural diversity and express ourselves freely.






We at Little Diggers believe that every child had the right to feel safe and loved. Every child has the right to the highest quality care and we feel that parent participation is essential. We welcome parents to join us in our daily routines. The staff work together to provide the best care available as well as providing a consistent and stimulating program and routine. Our program caters for all children, promoting equality and diversity. The program allows children to build confidence in themselves and to develop as an individual. The program incorporates challenges and new learning experiences to stimulate the body and mind.