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Senior Kindy 2019

 Senior Kindy



In Senior Kindy we have children ranging in age from 30months – 4 years running a ratio of 1 carer for 11 children over 3 years, and 1 carer for 5 children for our 30 months and under 3.

We encourage children to engage in learning experiences in both the indoor and outdoor environments. Children are learning through play daily. We ensure children are given ample opportunities to express themselves using a variety of available resources such as coloured pencils/textas/ crayons, play dough, shapes, names, letters, numbers, all of which are readily available for children to use and use their imaginations.







We encourage family input, we say “if you have something you would like to share, come on in and share it” whether it be a pet, a story book or even a musical experience, we welcome you all. Our children thrive on experiences, so let’s share you and your families.

The Senior Kindy staff have many years of experience, allowing children to feeling comfortable building bonds, share interests and feel part of a group experience. We communicate with families on a daily basis allowing us the opportunity to get to know you and your children as individuals and ensure your child’s needs are met. We remember the important things such as painting, diversity, role- playing, imagination, friendships and most of all Having Fun!

Our program is flexible to suit the structure, individuality and diversity of each child.