Thank you for supporting our local Family Owned Early Learning Centre since 2006.
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Meet Our Owners

Deb & Paul Collins

Founders & Director


We met at school, started dating in 1991 and began our family in 1994. We had very similar ideas about “what a family means” and our journey began.

We are very family orientated. We have two beautiful children and three grandchildren…… so far. We pride ourselves on always putting “family first”, and we encourage staff and families to adopt this motto. I believe children get one shot at life, it is up to us to help make it the best it can be, whilst in our care, they are our future, our greatest asset. I believe the more exposure to real life experiences you offer in a safe and secure environment with supervised risk, the more the children will grow and develop into their own sense of being and take part in the World with confidence. Let’s give them the confidence to move forward at their own pace positively!