Our Story

Our journey began back in 2002 when I (Deb) received a phone call that was intended for my sister in law to do a day’s work as a relief staff in the local childcare centre. She was unavailable, so I asked the lady if I could help her, I told her “I was just a mum, but how hard can it be” her response was “come on down”. This was the start of my personal journey.

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Our Philosophy


Central to my personal philosophy are a set of important beliefs which have acted as a navigational instrument during fifteen years in the educational world. These beliefs are grounded in educational theory. Foremost amongst my beliefs is the importance of on-going critical reflection of all held beliefs and their practical applications. The psychologist Karl Jung argued that a life    unreflected is a life not worth living. Professionally, this too holds ground. Professional competence can only be achieved through rigorous self-examination of held beliefs and practises. This as Noble, Macfarlane & Carmel claim (2005), produces a close analysis of all practises, especially those that are seen to be normal and part of the dominant learning-teaching culture.

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The Little Diggers team, our local communities and families are working hard to change the direction of our future to make a dramatic impact on our surroundings and the world around us. The centre staff and children have been embedding sustainability with everyday practices by up-cycling materials we no longer use and finding a new purpose to recycle these items instead of throwing them away. We have turned broken toys into planters, or we can re-use as loose parts for play. Parents have donated old tins to help us build vegetable planters for strawberries and other vegetables we are growing. Our food orders from the major supermarkets are delivered bag-less to help stop the amount of plastic bags used within our communities.

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